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About Us

Time to Chill

Nearly a year ago, I was looking for a place to get away from all the madness. It was everywhere in my world as far as politics, police hatred, racism and so forth. I created this community to help us come together and laugh, smile, have a drink, and poke fun at each other. Since its creation, this Tucson local business has grown tremendously. We span throughout nearly 50 countries and 50K community members on various social media platforms. The focus is not about growth in numbers, but about having the right friends and fans in our coffee community. 

Filthy Pirate Coffee

Why choose our Tucson coffee over so many other brands? Because we offer excellent quality at an affordable cost. Our bags of coffee are available in one pound bags versus the industry standard of 12oz bags. We stand behind our coffee and guarantee you will like it and be amazed at the smooth, non-bitter after taste. We understand customer service and are dedicated to being a popular Tucson local business. 

Join Us!

Join us on our good times, cool pics and laughter. It’s all about attitude and perspective! Grab some of our awesome coffee, laugh and roast some friends around a camp fire or pool table. As a local Tucson business, we support the American way of life and love our flag. 

Give No Quarters to Your Mornings!

How Filthy Pirate got its name?


Just be yourself...steal a ship and burn the port down if you want to!

How Filthy Pirate got its name? 

Well…it’s a long and bloody tale, and quite honestly, being drunk for most of it plays a role. However, due to the statute of limitations being in effect, our pirate lawyer mentioned we have to wait another 5 years before we can divulge the true origins of Filthy Pirate. 

The reader’s digest version will have to do until then. Danimal  has a reputation for being an "all or nothing" kind of guy. One day, the squad was sitting around jaw-jacking when out of the blue, a squad mate uttered that Danimal was like Blackbeard. Danimal quickly and boisterously replied, “Then you’re all my filthy pirate scallywags!” From there, Filthy Pirate launched into a virtual community where like-minded individuals could share their love booze, cigars, shenanigans, and tell war stories. 

Filthy Pirate has evolved into a Tucson coffee business, and we still try and hold true to the Pirate lore of arriving at port, burning the city, and stealing another ship to leave. This is metaphorically speaking, of course, as there is not a whole lot of ocean in Arizona. Danimal is just an average dude who is bringing the pirate life to the coffee business.  Mutiny!!

About The Owner

Just a Regular Dude

It's been said that I am full throttle and super excessive dude! I'm really just a regular guy who is a husband, father, dog lover, hunter and farm raised, blue collar worker. I'm also a Marine Vet, LEO, and SWAT Sniper, and have spent nearly my entire adult life in a uniform serving others. My hard work, vision, passion, dedication, and attention to detail is now poured into the coffee that you purchase from Tucson's local Filthy Pirate Coffee. The idea of owning my own coffee company has become a reality. 

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