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What is Filthy Pirate Coffee?

Filthy Pirate’s coffee line is the brain child of the door-kicking Filthy Pirate himself, and some crazy dude he knows, Filthy Pirate XO, who likes taking bombs apart. Filthy Pirate Coffee is the first launch of a signature product that all of our fellow Pirates will enjoy. There is nothing worse than working hard and burning both ends of the candle to get the job done, only to be left unimpressed by the dirty water swill that gets passed off as a morning cup of java. Whether you’re studying for a promotion, working a double point control shift, or a tier one operator stacking terrorist bodies Filthy Pirate Coffee will bring you out of that hangover or give you the pickup you need to finish out the day. Our coffee is top grade quality for blue collar workers who build America.

What makes our coffee different is the attention to detail that goes into making a cup of coffee. From concept to roaster selection to final product, we aimed for a coffee that leaves you wanting more and feeling like you could take on the storms of your day. In that attention to detail, we selected a roaster that filters the beans seven times and is meticulous in prep, roasting, and packaging. Our roaster understands the value of quality over quantity and sources the beans from fair-trade, family-owned growers. A roaster that is so confident in their product that they will not release a batch to you unless it meets or exceeds their own family standards. 

You should expect nothing less from a SWAT Sniper who has put small objects into small places from far away, or a guy who hunts IEDs. The attention to detail we put in our jobs is the same level we put into this coffee. Join us as we step away from the cookie cutter coffees peddled to the masses.  We make our own rules and live our own lives...Filthy Pirate Coffee!



Rise Up

Our introductory flavor will be a staple for edgy Pirates every day who rise in opposition against an established way of life.


Openly rebel and demand Mutiny, seize the ship, and burn the city. 

Enjoy Victory

This high-grade Medium Dark Roast coffee is creamy with a caramel aftertaste.  It’s sweet and rich with no bitterness or acidity.  Give no quarters to your morning!